November 2016 - Product of Things
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The era of connected devices is creating not only a new world of connected devices but also a new world of business models to align with those devices. As new businesses are emerging, traditional businesses are being disrupted following major changes in the way we all live and consume. 

In his talk Omer explored how the use of data accumulated, real time feedback and the ability to monitor and control devices change the way some companies do business today and how this methods will change in the future, to maximize the Plan activity of the IoT value chain.

On November 14 2016, Product of Things hosted a special meetup at The 4th Israel IoT Summit with key stakeholders who will share from their experiences. 04:26 : Noam Bernstein with his talk “Product-Market-Risks: the PM challenge and opportunity to shine” 25:57 : Omer Enbar with his talk “Emerging...