LET'S COLLABORATE - Product of Things
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Our objective is to help product professionals grow their knowledge base and find innovative solutions.

We aim to move beyond traditional knowledge exchange to focus on beneficial, long-term, two-way relationships with industry through collaboration and partnership.

We actively encourage and seek multi-partner opportunities, and we could not fulfill our mission without the generous support of our community and partners.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you or your organization to reach more product professionals and spread the word about the exciting opportunities in the IoT field. Below are some examples of how we can collaborate:

  • Write a not-commercial blog post
  • Volunteer to be a guest speaker in one of our events
  • Sponsor one of our events
  • Be creative. Any other idea in mind?

Contact Moriya Kassis at moriya@productofthings.com for details on how to collaborate with us or simply fill out this form: