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So, you think you don’t need to learn about IoT product management


Have you ever felt torn between appreciating your domain of expertise and embracing your curiosity for more? Do you worry that if you slow down and challenge your mind with things that are not typically categorized with your field, that you’ll somehow fall behind or lose your creative momentum in the product world?

This post is for you.

All of us product managers deal with this problem. You see, in a world where there are a handful of new technologies and domains each year, it just gets too exciting to stand aside.

Well, guess what, you are not a cat. So stop worried being killed by your curiosity.
If you find yourself getting curious about other domains and especially if you are a product manager, working on traditional software products that have nothing to do with IoT, this blog post is for you. And, you’re not alone.
This is a familiar itchy feeling. The solution lies in your ability to grasp three key truths.

Nothing is ‘just’ what it looks like
You see, I get it that you don’t think you’ll find yourself managing a tangible product, for example. If this is not your thing, this is not your thing. However, if you think that IoT is only wearables and juicers and Automotive is about car shields, it’s time to re-examine your thoughts. In the Smart Products domain, for example, each hardware component has a backend system to back it, and those systems have integration, maintenance, and even work-scheduling system.

So basically, when you understand the structure, needs, and goals behind different domains, you give yourself the opportunity to get your current product onto a new field. Or in other words, you just outbound re-invented the wheel.

You don’t know what future brings
As a PM, you know that you know only very few things for certain. One of them is that you have no idea what is the next product you are going to work on. And this is part of the fun – your knowledge is valuable to many.
Companies get acquired, your best friend may found a startup and ask you to join her or, let’s get real, they may just pay you more than others.

In this case or another, you may find yourself working for a company in a different domain or, wishing to get hired by them.
Space is not your domain either, and yet, I can’t imagine you declining an offer from Elon Musk.
The best thing you can do for your career is keeping all options open.

Curiosity is great both for your skin and product
Can we talk about the fun of it, already? So you got why challenging your skill set and opening your mind to new ways of product-thinking may be good for your future career. But what about the present?
You are getting paid to be curious and solving problems the elegant way. So do that.
Talk to your barista and learn how to use the coffee machine, ask your taxi driver about the way routing was made before Waze and Gett entered the market. Learn, my friend. It costs nothing and fills your heart and mind with a sugary, yet calories free feeling of satisfaction.

The best ideas ‘come from nowhere’. Even if no concrete outcome results from this process of learning, you’ll have fun and get one step closer to become that super interesting person who re-arrange different pieces of data and knowledge into a puzzle that makes everything way more interesting. And when you reach that point, for the sack of pure curiosity, you’ll become the best product manager you can.

As you may have heard, we had recently launched our Product of Things 2018 conference, a four days event based on interactive workshops, dealing with challenges like Strategy, Experience, Innovation, Manufacturing and everything IoT product management. Check out the conference program, it’s great.

That’s all for now. I wish you a productive day.
Looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments section below!

Moriya Kassis

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